Your Say – Fingal Head Speed Limits to 50KPM or lower.

Fingal Head Community Engagement

The Fingal Head Community Planning Team (FHCPT) is seeking feedback from the Fingal Head community on a proposal to approach the Tweed Shire Traffic Management Committee to approve 50Km/h speed limits for Fingal Head roads and bring our community in line with all other Tweed Shire Council residential speed limits of 50 Km/h.

Current Situation

Fingal Head residents have raised their concerns regarding the speed of vehicle travelling along Fingal Road and the village streets. Vehicle speeds along Fingal Road consistently exceed 60 km/h, particularly on weekends when early-morning traffic head to Fingal beach and Fingal boat ramp.

Fingal Head currently has a speed limit of 60 Km/h along Fingal Road, Wommin Crescent and Dune Street.  The Village including Letitia Road has a 50 Km/h speed limit with a 40 km speed zone near the Fingal public school during drop off and pick up hours.

Additionally, as there is no line marking Wommin Crescent, Dune Street, Fingal Village and Letitia Road and most road widths are typically single lane with limited parking and overtaking, the FHCPT will be requesting the Tweed Shire Council to consider reducing vehicle speed limits in these streets to 40 Km/hr.

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