Source: FHC

Alex Dale Award

It gives me great pleasure to advise that FHC Member Alex Dale was recently announced as the recipient of the Tweed Shire Council Australia Day 2023 Volunteer Award.  Alex has been and still is a very active Member of FHC.  For many years he served with great distinction as Nursery Manager for FHC.  Alex’s award also relates to volunteer services he provides for a number of other Community Organisations in the Tweed.

On behalf of the FHC membership, I congratulate Alex on receiving this award.  Very well deserved and great recognition of Alex’s community work.

Please see a photo of Alex planting a tree with Hon Justine Elliot, MHR for Richmond as part of FHC’s Jubilee Planting Event on Fingal Peninsula  on Saturday, 28 January, 2023.

Nursery benches & Acquittal of Northern Rivers Community Foundation Grant

Fingal Head Coastcare is deeply indebted to the Northern Rivers Community Foundation for their generous grant which enabled the purchase of all materials to refurbish our two seedling benches.  Together with the assistance of the River Tracks Team and Fingal Head Coastcare volunteers, the build was completed in one day. This endeavour would not have been possible without the assistance of both NRCF and RiverTracks Team.

We have completed the installation of Nursery benches the material for which was funded by donation form NRCF – see link as follows:

Northern Rivers Community Foundation – NSW Philanthropic Organisation (

The RiverTracks team provided the labour along with FHC team members to construct the 2 benches in only one day with NRCF provided the funds to purchase all the materials.